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How We Can Help?

Aqar provides professional Irrigation Installation in the UAE to the homeowners loving a house having an eye-catching and lush lawn. It will help you feel nature at home. Apart from adding an unbelievable appeal, the irrigation will also add value to your property.

How do We Work?

Aqar believes in offering service beyond expectation and so we leave no scope for disappointment.

We consider the below elements for sprinkler and drip irrigation services:

  • The size and shape of your lawn
  • Lawn type and the soil type
  • Landscaping design need
  • Garden or flower bed size
  • Water requirements

Leading Irrigation Installation in the UAE by Aqar assures you of the long-term results.

Avail Hassle-free Automatic Irrigation Anytime in Dubai

We offer suggestions related to your particular specific watering requirements and are to deliver the best technical support as and when needed. Prefer Aqar for the hassle-free automatic irrigation in Dubai anytime!

Advantage of Different Irrigation Systems

Garden Watering Systems – You can install an automatic garden watering system that helps in taking care of watering the garden whilst you are away from your home. You can get the quick installation done as the process is quick and simple. It will take the strain out of caring for your plants.

Pop Up Sprinkler Systems – Pop-up sprinklers come with an easy installation and take the hassle out of keeping your lawn lush and healthy all year round. Pop-up sprinklers are installed underground, and they rise out of the ground on being activated, and most importantly, they retract back down when they are not used.

Professional Advice from our Experts – The installation of a garden watering system is quite simple and our experts plan and install a garden watering system more effectively. You can call us and get expert advice from us.

The Automatic Irrigation can help you have the fun of the latest in technology and enjoy gardening. Choose Aqar only for the contented and reliable Automatic Irrigation services in the UAE round the year.

Why Choose Aqar Irrigation Service?

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, it depends upon the kind and size of garden that you have. We provide customized solutions based on the area, the kind of work you want to get done, etc.
Yes, we can. Since all the gardens are different and thus their requirements. We install the irrigation system carefully to meet the requirement of your lawn or garden.
No, we don’t. We are happy to come and meet you and have a look at your garden. Our experts will discuss your requirements, measure your garden, and take some photos, etc. before offering a customized solution.

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